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Dance Workshops
Hula shares the countless stories of the Hawaiian people with her audience through Hawaiian dance: stories paying homage to the heavenly deities, recanting great battles, telling the tales of legendary heroes, great chiefs, kings and queens. There are hula which give an account of the creation of the world, as well as all the creatures that dwell in it; there are hula to express the beauty of the land, complete with all her decorations, on which these creatures thrive, and there are numerous hula that celebrate the vast number of emotions that fill our days as human beings. Hula masterfully combines all the great stories with song. The magic of hula is that it can carry the dancers and their audience to another place and time.

Hula is more than just a dance. You will see it written over and over Those who perform it learn dedication, confidence, commitment, perseverance, discipline, friendship and the spirit of aloha.

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